Top Reasons to Get a Degree in Italy

A lot of students decide to get higher education in most developed countries. Almost 85% of international students consider studying in one of the G-20 countries. Italy is one of them.
Let's review why this country attracts students from around the globe and why you need to choose Italy to get a degree in.

Great Universities

It's a well-known fact that the level of education in Italy is very high. It is home to world-known education institutions like Politecnico Di Milano, European School of Economics, and the University of Macerata.
There are also dozens of top-notch universities. Moreover, there is no need to know Italian to get a degree in one of the top educational institutions. Italy is friendly to international students and offers plenty of programs in English. Roughly 10% of all courses in Italy are in English.
To avoid any problems while studying in Italy, save the freshman survival guide from experienced students. Use it to get prepared for a new stage in your life and spend it with joy.

Affordable Prices

Studying in Italy isn't expensive as it may seem at first sight. On average, tuition expenses in this country are 1,000 euros/year in public universities. Private colleges may charge much more. However, there are a lot of scholarships for international students.
Even though Italy is a very developed country, it's quite affordable for international students. For sure, if you decide to buy a cup of coffee near the Coliseum in Rome, you should be ready to pay 15 euros for a mug.
However, to cover living expenses in a dorm, you will need 700-1,000 euros for one month. There are a lot of cheap shops, where you can buy a pack of salami or cheese for 1 euro only.

Travel Options

Youth is a perfect period of life to explore the world. Fortunately, Italy brings incredible opportunities for students. If you have some free time, you can hop on a bus or train and go sightseeing in a neighboring city. Anyway, you should never miss a chance to visit small towns and villages. It's hard to find a place in Italy that doesn't drive to make a few snaps.
Also, Italy is part of the European Union. It means that if you have permission to live in Italy, you can visit any EU country with no restrictions. There are no borders inside the EU, so Italy's students never lose a chance to explore Europe.
You can easily purchase a bus or train ticket and go to Austria, Germany, France, Hungary, and even Poland with no visas. Also, a lot of companies offer budget flight tickets so that you can catch a flight ticket for 15 euros, for example.

Active Students' Life

In some North European countries, life stops at 6 pm. You won't see anyone on the streets and will hardly find an open store. Italy isn't at that party. There, life starts in the evening. Local pubs are full of young people who like hanging out. Studying in Italy, you will never get bored and always find a great company to pass the time together.

Final Shot - Italy is Marvelous

Arts, architecture, and fashion. These words can describe Italy perfectly. If you want to spend your time sightseeing architectural masterpieces, visiting art galleries and fashion boutiques, Italy is the right choice. Also, the country has a lot of incredible beaches. Pizza and pasta lovers will also enjoy every day in Italy.