The cultural, non-profit association Federcritici was founded in 2003 with the purpose of divulging knowledge and information concerning the subtle vision and goals of Alchemical Art.
The association periodically publishes a journal which illustrates works produced by artists operating in this particular field and promotes individual and collective creative effort. The journal reflects the publishers’ profound interest in art, in its various forms, and its variety of aesthetic, cultural and spiritual associations.
Through its use of modern means of communication and the media, Federcritici provides the public at large with an opportunity to gain familiarity with this particular area and promotes creative work through the organization and promotion of exhibitions, workshops, special events, theatrical and cinematographic productions, cultural events and other activities.
The review provides information related to specialist fields and of a general cultural nature and promotes publishing initiatives and the production of artistic works; it is thus a valuable contribution to the sector. It supports the activities and initiatives of a variety of cultural associations and organizations.
Since 2009 it has been autonomously supporting and promoting the Aphrodite Award, a competition for Contemporary Alchemical Artists which invites participants to reflect in their work the achievements of Renaissance artists.
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